When I say spirit, I speak of our consciousness, the deep and authentic aspects of ourselves unaffected by the hype and confusion out there.

I speak of our higher power, the Creative and Creatrix energy, because writing, like all the so-called artforms, is an action that emerges from the Creative and Creatrix energies of our being. It is within the Creatrix energy that we encounter the illuminations by which we grasp the higher realities of our experience.

How do we tune into the Creative and Creatrix energies of our true selves? Serious writers tend to retreat to quiet places and surround themselves with quietude and solitude. I think an aspect of being able to write successfully is to take ourselves away from distractions sometimes, and tune into our deeper being. It’s an aspect of meditation.

There are many types of meditation, but that of which I speak is the meditation of silence and solitude, in which we seek and find our truth. This is where the idea to write comes from in the first place. So let’s dive deep into this ocean and evolve our consciousness.