“…white people hate white people who like white people.”

“…white people hate white people who like white people” – William Johnson, chairman of the White nationalist American Freedom Party (AFP)

The ideas expressed in the article from which this quotation was taken are not new. In fact, they are, to anyone who has lived in overtly racist countries like the USA, glaringly familiar. As I read this article, I was struck by the many resonances with the work of the late African American psychiatrist, Francis Cress Welsing, who wrote in great detail about the fear Caucasians express of genetic annihilation because their own genes are recessive, while the genes of Black people are dominant. I include this article on the L’Ouverture site to encourage our people to be aware of the many ways in which so-called White supremacists communicate their on-going agenda of racism.  I also want to remind our people that so-called White supremacists are not the only people who embrace the label “racist” to further their agenda. Black people do it too. May we remain aware of these things, and never succumb to ignorance.

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