What is Vision?



Vision is allowing myself to perceive with my inner eye that which my inner being pours into my conscious awareness about my future. I believe that my soul already knows where I’m heading.

Actually, my life’s journey may have been pre-planned, because it seems as if I was born with all the particulars of my journey mapped into my heart. My vision for my life is simply me allowing my inner being the freedom to acknowledge the map. I allow myself to see with my inner eye all that I was born to be and to do.
Holding my vision of my life and my business requires that I dismiss any suggestion of limitation made by others bogged down in their own fears.

Of course, the way is hard and dangerous, and that’s precisely why it’s worthwhile. It is highly unpredictable. Unsafe. I will not be comfortable most of the time. The eyes with which I survey my exterior world may not see more than what’s at arm’s length before me. But the long view is not the purview of my eyes of materiality. The long view belongs to my eyes of my interior.

There are times when I think that the gap between my outer and inner vision is so great I may never get to where I want to be, and then I remind myself of how valuable, how priceless is the way.