The Digital Storyteller: Philosophy and Practice of Publishing a Book

The Digital Storyteller: Philosophy and Practice of Publishing a Book is a handbook I’m working on which I hope will help independent authors navigate their journey from conception of their project to its publication.

My purpose is to empower storytellers to be storytellers in our disruptive digital economy. To be a storyteller in this economy is to be able to craft a story or narrative and transform it into a unique product by which we can enhance people’s lives, make a good living, and ultimately, build wealth. When our own authentic work enables us to meet our basic needs, we can work without fear and with great effect. We’re able to enrich the lives of the people in our world, and maybe even change the world.

To make sharing this info easier, I’ve broken out the handbook into small sections you can download. Please click on a topic in this menu, scroll to the end of the page and click on the link. You would find this information valuable and rewarding

If you’re an author working on a book that’s important enough to you to engage your whole mind and soul,
If you think you’d like to produce a book that would bequeath positive value to your audience for generations to come,

If you seek the knowledge by which to unlock the constructs of the marketplace and enhance your understanding of the market forces by which you can make informed decisions,
If you’re seeking the means by which to prosper as an author.

Warning! This handbook is not a hack! It contains both philosophical and actionable knowledge which can help you become a successful author in this economy, and sets out the processes to follow along the way.