Let L’Ouverture Publish Your Book

The L’Ouverture Storytellers Project enables writers to transform their manuscripts into good books that do well on the market. Our service provides intuitive editing, and if needed, a sustained, affirming 1:1 mentoring relationship with a writer to empower her to develop her voice.

At your request, L’Ouverture Storytellers Project can provide you with the following publishing services:

creating a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline of your book

gathering information by means of interviews and/or library/archival/documentary research

developing your book’s theme, thesis and structure (non-fiction)

developing characters, atmosphere, palette, narrative voice and mood(fiction)

editing, proofreading and formatting the manuscript for publication

collecting any other information, including photographs or illustrations

coaching you through the writing process as needed

creating your book cover

building the book in print and digital formats

placing your book in distribution channels

marketing your book

If you wish to hire us to work with you to develop your manuscript or publish your book, please reach out by completing the form below, and let’s start a conversation.