Outline: How the Caucasian Paradigm Works

The Caucasian paradigm comprises a comprehensive network of systems which include economic, political, religious, educational and entertainment apparatuses, whose aim is to exploit planetary resources at the expense of human well-being. The Caucasian paradigm is a complement of shared meanings and social norms, intended to appropriate the material resources of the planet for a small number of Caucasian males. The process of appropriating the resources of the planet is effected through the operationalisation and maintenance of the components of the paradigm.

Some components of the Caucasian paradigm include

Resetting of the “planetary clock”

Creation of a calendar which, roughly 2,000 years ago, reset time at
Creation of a split planetary timeline dividing time into historical
time and pre-historical time
Creation of new years, months and days

Spreading Caucasian ideologies throughout the planet

Privileging of the male, and subordination of the female

Creation of religious mythology
Replacing the female creatrix with the male creator
Replacing matriarchal societies with patriarchal societies
Institutionalization of the killing of females, the killing of female phoetuses and girls, and the sterilisation of women
Mutilation of female reproductive organs
Silencing of women

Privileging of the Caucasian and subordination of the African

Creation of the socio-scientific myth of racism
Creation of socio-economic stratification according to racial classification
Stratification of people according to the shade of their skin
Conferring honorary Caucasian status on People of Color
Genocide of Black people and People of Color
Thoroughgoing disrespect and mistreatment of Black people

Privileging of economic activity at the expense of human well-being

Creation of the ideology of money – Capitalism
Buying and selling of money – stock market
Creation of industries for the purpose of creating money
Creation of companies for the purpose of buying and selling money
Using money as an apparatus to disenfranchise the majority of the people on the planet, especially Black people.

Obfuscation of meaning through the creation and promotion of ideologies, epistemologies and philosophies

Creation of academies which create and promote ideologies


Appropriation of the planet’s resources


Promotion of certain types of behavior, such as

Narcissistic behavior
Shallow thinking
Creation of mass identities
Creation of “social media”

Exploitation of planetary resources at the expense of human well-being

Creation and maintenance of wars and weapons of war
Creation of wars which kill people and animals and destroy landmasses
Creation of bioweapons which contaminate the planet and the oceans
Creation of pesticides which destroy ecologies – Beyer
Genetic engineering of the planet’s seed and food resources –  Monsanto