L’Ouverture is a Knowledge Incubator

The L’Ouverture Digital Storytellers Project is a knowledge incubator premised upon four assumptions:

  1. That an author – a storyteller – is an entrepreneur, and must function as an entrepreneur if she will succeed;
  2. That an entrepreneur who enters the arena of commerce should know how the commercial space is set up;
  3. That an entrepreneur should know how to raise capital for the venture of independent publishing;
  4. That an entrepreneur should know how to sell her intellectual product(s).

The L’Ouverture Digital Storyteller Project is set up to generate this knowledge.

What is a knowledge incubator? The term emerges from twenty-first century conceptualizations of universities as institutions which should participate in local, regional and national economic development. Universities have been urged to take on such “third stream” activities as the incubation of start up firms; the commercialization of knowledge; the development of knowledge transfer partnerships and the delivery of entrepreneurship courses (Robertson and Kitagawa, 2011). The third stream is an entrepreneurial function which has been added to the two traditional university functions of teaching and research.

L’Ouverture is a site in which knowledge is generated for commercial purposes. The knowledge area is digital publishing. Knowledge will be generated pertaining to the business of independent publishing for the purpose of creating and building human capital in the twenty-first century domain.

How is Knowledge Created at L’Ouverture?

Through disciplinary practice of storytelling through creative and non-fiction writing, filmmaking and other creative practices
Through scholarship, specifically Black and African studies
Through journalism, especially that which focuses on the Black experience
Through publishing and marketing
Through phenomenological, archival and library research
Through research of trade, commercial and industry documents
Through the utilization and creation technology, especially that which facilitates the dissemination of artistic and scholarly products to their audiences
Through the L’Ouverture Master Mind, the company’s think tank
Through the creation of relevant intellectual and entrepreneurial partnerships