L’Ouverture Client Information Form

The L’Ouverture Client Information form is the first step in our editing or publishing process. Please answer the questions in the questionnaire to give us clarity on the nature of your project and how best to approach it. This questionnaire will also provide you with valuable insights about your writing. While its value lies primarily in the thinking process, it would be useful to have it completed and returned to The L’Ouverture Storytellers’ Project before we begin to work. Completing the survey does not bind either party to work together, nor does it constitute a contract for payment.

I assure you that your privacy will be respected. Your personal information and confidential information will not be shared with anyone. It will not be included in any written document, electronic document or any other media, nor will it be included within published works of any kind.

Insert your answers in the spaces provided, and use the bold tool on your toolbar to indicate the correct answer in a list. When you’re done, return the questionnaire as an email attachment to the following address: dr.margaretbrito@gmail.com

Download L’Ouverture Client Information Form