Create an Email List Using MailChimp

Export Contacts From Your Email Account
In the sidebar of your Gmail inbox, click the down arrow beside the word Gmail.
Click Contacts.
In your contact sidebar, click the arrow beside the word More. In the drop down menu, click Export. A pop up box will appear. Click Go to old contacts.
In the old contacts dashboard, at the top of the screen, click the More button.
In the drop down menu, click Export. A dialogue box entitled Export Contacts will appear. In the list entitled Which Contacts Do You Wish to Export, click My Contacts.
In the list entitled Which Format Do You Wish, click Google CSV format.
Click Export.
In the Save As dialogue box, navigate to the location to which you wish to save your file. Create a file name, such as Email List.
Click Save.

Create a MailChimp Account
In your search engine, type You will be taken to the official MailChimp website.
Click on the Sign Up Free button in the upper right of your screen.
In the opt in form, type your email address, create a username and create a password.
Click on Create My Account. You will be instructed to check your email to activate your account.
In your browser, navigate to your inbox to check your email to activate your new MailChimp account.
Click on the Activate Account button.
Click on the box in the Captcha field.
Click Confirm Signup. MailChimp will open a form which captures information about you and your firm. When you have completed the form, MailChimp will open your dashboard. There you will see a list of activities to perform sequentially.
The first action is Import Your List. Click on the Import Your List button. Enter the required information.
Note: In the field entitled Default From email address, enter a unique corporate email with a unique domain name, since MailChimp does not accept a regular email address such as one ending with or
When you have finished, Click the Save button. MailChimp will take you to the Subscribers page.
If you wish to import subscribers from an existing email list you own, click Import Subscribers. MailChimp will take you to a page entitled Where Do You Want To Import Subscribers From? This page offers several options for importing subscribers. It is recommended that you click on CSV or tab-delimited text file.
At the bottom right of your screen, click the Next Step: Setup button.
In the Import from CSV file page, in the Upload File field, click Browse. Navigate to the file you created and named Email List.
Click the box beside I understand that my billing plan may be automatically upgraded.
At the bottom right of your screen click Next Step: Match.
You can choose to match the columns or skip them. Choose Skip All.
At the bottom right of your screen, click Next Step: Review.
Mail Chimp will take you to the You’re All Set To Import page.
At the bottom right of your screen, click Import.
In the dashboard, click Refresh This Page.