Digital Storyteller’s Checklist

This checklist can help you navigate the several processes you’d need to follow to make your publishing venture as profitable as possible.

Create a vision statement
Create a mission statement
Create a business concept
Set up your business in order to convert the story or narrative into a product, commercialize it and make money
Register your business
Register as a Sole Proprietorship
Register as a Limited Liability Company
Register as a Partnership
Register as a Non-Profit
Set financial goals
Estimate your Start-up Costs
Source Funding
Research how to raise capital for your publishing business through collective financial empowerment strategies such as isusu, collective investing and crowdfunding
Research grant funding for writers
Create a business model
Research intellectual property
Research your genre
Research your distribution channels
Research and create an audience profile (demographics and psychographics)
Create a competitive profile
Set up your engagement platform
Set up a self-hosted Word Press blog/site with a custom domain name
Set up your Mail Chimp Email Marketing
Set up your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
Write your book
Have your manuscript edited and proofread
Have your manuscript formatted for brick and mortar and digital bookshops
Set up your Pressbooks account
Publish with CreateSpace and distribute through Amazon
Publish with Ingram Spark
Hire a vanity publisher
Create a book trailer
Launch your book
Promote your book on your engagement platform
Promote your book through newspaper, television and radio interviews

Let’s take a more indepth look at the storyteller’s timeline.