Create a mission statement



A mission statement captures the overriding purpose of your authorpreneurial enterprise. William Darbi said the mission statement provides the big picture of the storyteller’s vision, as well as her strategic intent, capabilities, goals, objectives, core values, standards of behavior and business model.

Here is an example of a mission statement. It’s from the College of Arts and Science, African American Studies of Syracuse University in the USA.

“…our priority is to focus on and engage in teaching and research about the African, African American and African Caribbean experience, indeed, the global Black world, centering on the Black experience in the United States. We seek not only to counter-balance the Eurocentric bias that has too often ignored or distorted the perception of Africa and Africans, but more importantly to investigate, illuminate and celebrate the world African experience in its own right. Thus while exposing our students to the benefits and liabilities of a variety of centric lenses, we adopt no particular ruling ideology. Rather, we seek to transcend the contemporary dichotomizing debates in favor of multiple exposures and the transmitting of critical and analytical skills that will prepare our students to make their own sense of the world.”

In your journal, answer the following questions:

What is your overriding purpose for being a storyteller?
What are the basic beliefs, philosophies, principles, values and aspirations which frame your stories or narratives?
Who is your audience?
What product(s) will you put out, in what markets and geographic locations?
What are your financial and economic objectives?
What is your product’s distinct identity, its basis for competitive advantage?

Now write your own mission statement, drawing upon what you wrote in your journal.