Branding yourself using special events

In addition to being active on the social media platforms, there are a number of activities, outlets and events that you can take advantage of to get the word out about your work, as follows.

A book trailer can pique the interest of your audience in your book even before it is launched, and can sustain that interest for as long as your book remains on the market.

A launch is a great way to get the word out about your book and grab some important initial sales. Invite the significant people who are interested in your book, such as influencers in your genre, and share your brand story.

Readings and talks are important components of publicity, and can be done at selected locations, including conferences, universities and other specialized fora, as well as smaller, more localized fora. Talking about your work to selected audiences is indispensable to the promotion of your work, and can establish you as an authority on your subject.

A number of interviews can be done on popular television and radio programs for the purpose of discussing important components of your book, and the way in which the knowledge you’re sharing is relevant to your intended audience.

You can seek coverage in the local and regional newspapers as well as global newspapers read by through the distribution of press releases as well as carefully targeted advertisements.

Place the books in specialized bookshops, such as local and regional bookshops, as well as global independent and digital bookshops.