Writing, Speaking and Learning are the Same Process

When We Tell Our Stories, We Speak Our Truth


The Longest Journey

Mami Wata


The road back to our ancestral culture is long, and the road itself is longer. I started out reading everything I could find on African history, knowledges, “spirituality” thinking that what I read was the knowledge. Then I realized what I was reading was not the knowledge, but merely some information about the knowledge. I now know I have to seek the knowledge as experience, seek the knowledge as if I’m on a pilgrimage, which I am.



Fourteen Phenomenal Photos Reveal There Were Indeed Black Chinese People

The history of China is the history of the Africans who founded Chinese civilization, and a reminder that there ARE, indeed,  Black Chinese people.

Source: 14 Phenomenal Photos Reveal There Were Indeed Black Chinese People






African Spirit Quest, by Michael Durst

Be authentic. Have an authentic voice. Of course, having an authentic voice is an aspect of your sense of your authentic being, of knowing who you truly are, of being truthful with yourself and truthful about your writing. When your writing is authentic, you are grounded in your truth. When you are grounded in your truth, in whatever aspect of your experience, you can speak in your own voice, and when you can speak in your own voice, you can write in your own voice. Writing in your own voice is a measure of your authenticity.

However, a skilled storyteller can adopt many voices, because the skilled storyteller will utilize such writing conventions as narrative point(s) of view and narrative voice. With regard to narrative voice, the skilled storyteller can assume the voice of any other persona or personality. But even the assumed voice of that narrative personality needs to emerge from the authentic experience of that storyteller.

This is complex skill the true storyteller develops over time.




Tune into Your Spirit


When I say spirit, I speak of your consciousness, the deep aspect of you that is authentically you, the you unaffected by the hype and confusion out there.

I speak of your higher power, the creative and Creatrix energy, because writing, like all of the so-called artforms, is an action that emerges from the creative and Creatrix energies of our being. It is within the Creatrix energy that we encounter the illuminations by which we grasp the higher realities of our experience.

How do we tune into the creative and Creatrix energies of our true selves? Serious writers tend to retreat to quiet places and surround themselves with quietude and solitude. I think an aspect of being able to write successfully is to take yourself away from distractions sometimes, and tune into your deeper being. It’s an aspect of meditation.

There are many types of meditation, but that of which I speak is the meditation of silence and solitude, in which you seek and find your truth. This is where the idea to write comes from in the first place. So dive deep into this ocean and evolve your consciousness.







…because there never is a right time. Life is not going to stand still while you write your book. All hell will be breaking loose around you all the time, and there will always be situations that seem to take precedence over writing your book. So whatever your experience, whenever you conceive the idea to write a book, WRITE YOUR BOOK. Not only will your experiences evolve your thinking and present new perspectives, but when you write your book, you elevate yourself to the status of Master. So Master your experience by writing your book. Do it now.



MLK: Confronting the Black Church’s Accommodation of White Domination

“The year before, Newark, New Jersey, had been occupied by nearly lily-white units of the National Guard, sent there to quell a four-day rebellion in which 26 Blacks were killed. The Guardsmen behaved like an Army of White Vengeance, joining the racist cops in savaging Black people and shooting up businesses displaying “Black-owned” and “Soul Brother” signs on the Springfield Avenue thoroughfare.

However, the 82nd Airborne Division was a different social organism, entirely; our ranks were 60 percent Black, and we had been transformed. All of us (at least in my company) were aware of what had happened in Newark. As far as the Black troops were concerned, our division had only one mission in Washington, DC: to make sure the white soldiers — especially the mostly white military police — did no harm to the Black population.

And they did not dare.

Not one Black citizen of Washington was hurt by a soldier of the 82nd Airborne division — or, to my knowledge, even verbally abused — during the occupation.”

Read the full article: MLK: A Snap Shot in Time | Black Agenda Report



A Look Back at Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart on its 60th Anniversary

Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is a classic of the Nigerian literary canon. It’s a story set in a period in which the tragic colonialization of Africa as just beginning, a period when traditional African customs were forced to give way before the brutal invasion of  strange customs from a land called Britain. Read a review of the book and its politics: A Look Back at Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart for its 60th Anniversary



Thirty-three Circus Lions Finally Return Home To Africa After A Lifetime Of Misery

It seems people are unable to understand that animals are a lot like us. They experience pain when they are injured or abused. They love each other and their habitats. They speak to each other. They have spiritual connections with the cosmos. They are souls, as we are. So why do some unevolved individuals continue to treat them as if they are valueless? Read about the lions rescued from illegal circuses at the DailyNativeNews: 33 Circus Lions Finally Return Home To Africa After A Lifetime Of Misery – DailyNativeNews



Are you ready? This is all the data Google has on you

Every day, Google collects an astonishing volume of information about everyone who uses their devices. Read this article and follow the links to find out how much information Goggle has collected about you. Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you | Dylan Curran | Opinion | The Guardian



Legendary Photographer Celebrates Natural Beauty of Black models

This story celebrates legendary photographer, Kwame Brathwaite, as he returns to capture the images of Black beauty. Read the full story:  An artist’s ornate natural hairstyles, through the eyes of a legendary photographer of black beauty



When will Britain face up to its crimes against humanity?

In 1835, Britain borrowed 20 million pounds (300 billion pounds in today’s currency) from bankers Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Moses Montefiore to compensate owners of slave plantations in British colonies for the loss of slaves when the Slavery Abolition Act was passed 1833. The loan was so large, it was not until 2015 that the British government finally completed the payment, which was made using the money of British taxpayers. This means modern-day British citizens have been paying money into the hands of those responsible for the greatest crime against humanity, while not one cent of that money has gone toward compensating the descendants of the slaves.  Read the full story: When will Britain face up to its crimes against humanity? – Repeating Islands



Black on Black Success!

Black people who live in communities in which Black institutions such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are located become very successful. This is because the knowledge they acquire from the HBCUs empowers them to startup businesses and employ Black people in the communities. Read more about this via HBCUs Improve The Quality Of Life For Blacks Living In Their Cities | News One