About L’Ouverture Arts


L’Ouverture Arts Facilitator Inc. is a limited liability company registered under the Companies Act of Barbados. Our office is located at #19 Mill Wall Circle, Sanford, St. Phillip, Barbados. We can be reached at +1(246)287-8154.

L’Ouverture is a socially conscious Barbadian publisher which works with writers to develop excellent manuscripts and publish quality fiction and non-fiction in all genres.

What does socially conscious mean? I employ the term socially conscious to describe an attitude towards information we receive about our experiences, especially ideological information like the news, film, visual arts, literature and advertising.

To be socially conscious means being able to interpret information we receive in such a manner that we correctly understand both its contextual and subtextual meanings. To be a socially conscious publisher means I encourage writers I work with to publish the kind of works that would raise the awareness of their readers to the contextual and subtextual meaning of information so they can make sense of their experiences within the context of an oppressive system.

Contrary to popular belief, no-one is privileged within this oppressive system, though some people have been educated to believe they are, and some people’s experiences are obviously worse than others. To be a socially conscious publishing house means our output needs to be such that we can articulate subtleties such as this and interpret our experiences within the context of such knowledge.

Our services. We currently publish printed books and ebooks only, but will in the future publish audio books, scholastic book sets, and book and CD sets. We have developed manuscripts for clients working in such genres as children’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, urban fiction, horror, erotica, poetry, the memoir, motivational/self-help, business and screenwriting.

L’Ouverture, furthermore, provides services in project management, event planning, proposal writing and content creation for marketing platforms and newsletters, and has also created and delivered workshops in the writing process, creative writing and African Studies. One of the company’s creative writing workshops has produced an award winning author. L’Ouverture’s Founder, Dr. Margaret Brito, is a scholar, a creative writer, a journalist, a researcher who has conducted literary, oral and phenomenological research, and who has also taught at the University of the West Indies with 100% pass rates.

L’Ouverture takes an intuitive approach to every book publishing project, with the aim of enhancing the particular characteristics of each project. Our experience has taught us that each author has a unique vision for their book. Our strategy is to engage with authors in an affirming and often mentoring relationship to bring every potential of their vision to fruition. L’Ouverture also takes an innovative approach to marketing, and matches creative writing projects to the appropriate creative marketing content and strategies to ensure the product reaches the right audiences in a timely manner.

Our strength. The paradigm of the “traditional” publishing house has been forced to make way for the emerging paradigm of the “independent publisher.” This has happened because of the entry into the publishing industry of platforms which make it possible for any writer to independently publish their work. Smashwords, the most well-known independent publishing platform, and Amazon, the largest book seller and distributor, were created for the specific purpose of enabling authors to publish and distribute their own work.

“Traditional” publishing and “independent” publishing currently exist side by side in the publishing industry in much the same way analog technologies exist along with digital and virtual technologies. L’Ouverture’s competitive strength lies in the company’s utilization of the resources and technologies available within the emergent independent publishing industry. Resources which facilitate faster and cheaper production of books, and technologies which enable books to reach global audiences in real time and at low cost, have enabled L’Ouverture to make the publishing process affordable, innovative and flexible. This works to the client’s advantage.

The Company’s name, L’Ouverture, honors one of the greatest men of the nineteenth century, Pierre Dominique Toussaint L’Ouverture. Toussaint, born a slave on the Breda Plantation in Haiti, was a visionary. His surname means “he who opens.” Toussaint was a leader of the only successful slave revolt in history, and, as such, made possible an emancipatory alteration in consciousness of the enslaved, and indeed, all Black people in the so-called Western Hemisphere. L’Ouverture Storytellers Project aims to make possible a similar alteration in the consciousness of storytellers in the twenty-first century.

The L’Ouverture mission. Our mission is to empower storytellers to be storytellers in our disruptive digital economy. To be a storyteller in this economy is to be able to craft a story or narrative and transform it into a unique product by which we can enhance people’s lives, make a good living, and ultimately, build wealth. When our own authentic work enables us to meet our basic needs, we can work without fear and with great effect. We’re able to enrich the lives of the people in our world, and maybe even change the world.