A journal, whether it be a bound book or an electronic file, is an excellent tool, no matter where you happen to be in your life. Journals are indispensable to writers, businesspeople, inventors as well as people tracking various processes, including physical and mental health treatments.

Keeping a journal not only trains you to be observant as you record your experiences, it also helps you retain and develop your new ideas. Journaling is an excellent way to articulate your goals and develop them, and if you date your entries, you can review what you’ve learned over time and make significant connections between your experiences and ideas. During your pre-writing stage, securing a journal is a must.

Your journal can be anything from a simple notebook to an elaborately etched hardcover creation with lock and key to cool templates for electronic journals offered by software companies. Choosing a journal which suits your temperament would inspire you as you write.

I had been journaling since I was a girl, but I started doing it in an intuitive manner around 2008. I find it tremendously empowering. I love to review my entries over the years and inspiration in my thoughts. True, some entries are cringe worthy, but I find many of them remarkably insightful. I comment on my entries on little stickys that I paste on the side of the page, so I could see how my perspectives change over time. I notice that ideas which seemed disconnected came together. They bore fruit, by which I mean that my ideas developed to such an extent they became useful. This has shown me that journaling is a discipline that matures over time. I did not understand the value of this practice when I began in earnest in 2008, but I have definitely come to understand in now, and I can clearly see how valuable my journals are to my personal development, to my business and to my writing.


Published by

Margaret Brito, PhD

Founder, L'Ouverture Arts Facilitator.

2 thoughts on “WRITE LIKE A WARRIOR: TIP# 63”

  1. I am so glad I stumbled upon your post. Journaling is a habit I’m working diligently to create, but I’m struggling with it. Finding the time to sit down and write about my day is difficult. I’m hoping it will help with writing in general. It has clearly been powerful for you and your words motivate me even further. Thank you so much for sharing.


    1. Thank you also, my sister. I’ve found it easier to journal when I’m moved to do it from within my being. I don’t have a schedule as such. If I feel there’s an idea I want to preserve, then I write it down. That way, I always feel motivated to journal. I do have a daily schedule, though, that I use to make sure I can keep up with my writing and reading. But I don’t like to be a slave to that either. I like to keep a little balance between discipline and spontaneity.

      Congratulations on completing the first draft of your novel. It’s a great achievement, but the work has just begun, my sister. The work has just begun.

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